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Repro Health Daily is a social media based sexual health and reproductive health education organization. We operate under the premise that despite some teens and young adults understanding how they can best protect themselves while being sexually active and/or preparing to have a child, the regular reinforcement of these factual messages (the 'daily' in our name!) in a non-threatening, engaging way - via social media sites with their peers - normalizes healthier, safer behaviors.

Repro Health also offers reproductive and sexual health education programs. We are happy to present to classrooms, schools, and organizations. We can train teachers in how to implement them via social media and tailor them to their audience, or offer virtual lesson plans.

Feel free to ask us any questions about reproductive health that you may have. We can post the questions anonymously as well. Please join us on Facebook and Twitter and continue the education and discussions!
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A new CBS report, citing an Emory University economist, says that penicillin - not the birth control pill - is what was really responsible for the “sexual revolution” of the 60s. I disagree with this for a few reasons - while it certainly removed one of the biggest-then-fears about unprotected sex - syphilis - for men, it certainly did nothing about the pregnancy concerns for women who did not use/could not access/whose partners did not allow condoms. It may have reduced certain fears, but for women who would be responsible for the child born even with the absence of syphilis, I have very real doubts that it did much to eradicate the anxiety as compared to the pill.

Planned Parenthood Action explains its decision to drop the pro-choice/anti-choice/pro-life labels. Thoughts?

Great series from Guttmacher

Circumcision to prevent HIV and STDs is a very contentious issue - but it is often greatly misunderstood and the arguments simplified. Check out my latest post on the The 2x2 Project and find out why context, consent, and risk are essential to the debate.

We have to constantly be on watch for the incremental steps being taken to chip away at reproductive rights.

Never again shall we use the term “pro-life” to describe those who believe that a foetus is a living thing, to the extent that they believe that abortion should be outlawed. There is nothing “pro-life” about condemning a woman to death in favour of a foetus that was never going to live in the first place. Now, we have no lives.