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Repro Health Daily is a social media based sexual health and reproductive health education organization. We operate under the premise that despite some teens and young adults understanding how they can best protect themselves while being sexually active and/or preparing to have a child, the regular reinforcement of these factual messages (the 'daily' in our name!) in a non-threatening, engaging way - via social media sites with their peers - normalizes healthier, safer behaviors.

Repro Health also offers reproductive and sexual health education programs. We are happy to present to classrooms, schools, and organizations. We can train teachers in how to implement them via social media and tailor them to their audience, or offer virtual lesson plans.

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Great news - a study out of Mailman, Columbia’s School of Public Health, shows that the PEPFAR funding and programs have led to an increase in babies being born in health facilities in sub-Saharan Africa. This can greatly reduce maternal and newborn deaths from preventable birth complications and infections.

Sometimes, when people contract bacterial STIs like gonorrhea, they aren’t as concerned as they may have been if they had contracted a viral STI, like herpes, HPV, or HIV. Antibiotics can take of those bacterial infections, right? That’s definitely true - but you have to catch it first, which is why protected sex and regular testing are so important. In that regard, we wanted to address some associated risks of gonorrhea as an untreated STI:

Associated Risks

—Untreated gonorrhea can cause some permanent health problems in both women and men.

—In women, gonorrhea is a common cause of pelvic inflammatory disease.

—In men, gonorrhea can cause epididymitis, a painful condition of the ducts attached to the testicles. This can unfortunately lead to infertility if men if left untreated.

—Gonorrhea that goes untreated can actually spread to the blood or joints.

—People with gonorrhea can more easily contract HIV, they can transmit HIV more easily to someone else than if they did not have gonorrhea.

If a pregnant woman has gonorrhea, she may give the infection to her baby as the baby passes through the birth canal during delivery. This can cause problems for the newborn, such as blindness, joint infection, or a blood infection - this is why pre-natal health care is SO IMPORTANT. Getting screened for all kinds of infections that could impact the health of your newborn and getting treated for them is essential.

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